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Home Inspectors

Alaska Licensure
  • State Occupational Licensing has created a Wepage for Home Inspector licensing.
  • HB418 is an attempt to clean-up problems identified in the original Home Inspector statute. There are some remaining problems, according to some Home Inspectors as well as Engineers and Architects.  Bill was Passed by House and sent to Senate on 4/22/04
  • In Alaska, home inspectors and associate home inspectors will be required to obtain a certificate of registration by the Department of Community and Economic Development effective July 1, 2004.  Click here for the complete text of the statute as it will be modified: Chapter 08.18.
  • The final comment period for the new Draft Regulations governing home inspectors was completed on January 9, 2004.  Click here for the draft Regulations: 12 AAC 22.005 - 12 AAC 22.090
  • Specialties:   A home inspector may be certified for existing home inspection, new home inspection or both.
  • Qualifications:   To be a registered home inspector, an individual must meet the following:

    1) Examination:   Pass the National Home Inspector Examination for existing and/or the International Code Council examination for new homes,

    2) Requirements:  Meet the educational and experience requirements as determined by the Department,

    3) Application:  Submit a complete application for registration within one year of passing the exam,

    4) Crimes:  Not have been convicted of specific crimes in the past seven years of the date of the application,

    5) Revocation:   The authority to perform home inspections must have not been revoked in the state or another jurisdiction,

    6) Criminal Complaint:  Not be the subject of an unresolved criminal complaint or unresolved disciplinary action in the state and

    7) Fees:  Pay the appropriate fees.

  • Engineers or Architects:  Registered engineers or architects are not required to be certified home inspectors so long as they prepare a written report after the inspection, affix their seal to the home inspection report, sign and date the report, and put their registration number on the report.
  • Renewal:   For the renewal of certificates, the Department will require at least eight hours of continuing education (competency activity) in each licensing period.
  • The law also sets home inspection requirements for residential loans purchased or approved by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation.
  • Written Report:  The law requires that a written report fulfilling certain requirements be submitted to the person requesting the inspection upon completion of an inspection that will remain valid for 180 days after the inspection.
  • Penalties and Insurance:   The law allows for civil action to be taken against home inspectors for one year after performing the inspection and requires the home inspector to carry insurance and a bond of $5,000.
  • Effective Date: The law went into effect in 2003 and all home inspectors are required to have a license by July 1, 2004.

For more information contact the home inspector licensing examiner at the Department of Community and Economic Development Division of Occupational Licensing at (907) 465-5470 phone, (907) 465-2974 fax or email


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